Ex-Elle Dance Agency

Ex-Elle Dance Agency. A new innovative, diverse dance agency providing local exceptional talent worldwide.

Whatever you need for your event. World class BBOYS/Bgirl’s, hip hop dancers, ballerinas, body poppers, acrobats, choreographed shows or freestylers! Pick ExElle Agency to add jaw dropping entertainment to your event. All dancers are always of a high standard and will provide an excellent performance on and off stage. Every single one of the dancers I send to shows are all professional freestylers and are currently performing and doing competitions in the international circuit!

This year with the new agency I have already provided dancers for BBC Ceebeebies Huawei P30 mobile phone launch, Opa, Glastonbury 2019 and local artists. Check out my instagram @exelledance_agency for regular updates and performances.

Previously have danced for or provided dancers for Rudimental, Pharrel Williams Jessica Sutta, Chic, Barry Gibb, Glastonbury Festival, Adidas, BBC, Sony, Hobbs Fashion Show, Laid Blak, House of Waladeen, Breakin Convention and many more. For more info on my background and why I got this started please click on my post below.



Check out my first featured artist profile – click link below for artist page and Izaak’s Bio


Izaak Has been doing shows for me for many years and his talent is incredible, such a prolific artist with great professionalism.

ExElle Dance Agency Auditions

Click link below for info!!


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