My first run since giving birth


So I wrote last week that I would be attempting my first run since giving birth and having an emergency c-section! So here goes….

The dr told me to start with a light jog to see how I get on. The scariest part for me was actually leaving Sereia as I haven’t done that before! I was excited to try the run though as I know how important it is to keep fit and healthy for both me and my baby!

Needless to say I got on my fitness gear which fit pretty snug to say the least lol! Since I wore it last I defo got some more chunk to squeeze into it! No room and the sports bra was like wearing armour! But I was happy to still fit into my old Lycra’s lol!

Sadly the images below are not me, I cannot take the credit!

I have made a little video so I won’t write much today as I don’t want to repeat myself, but have a little look at my first workout. First run in 9 months. I hope there can be something useful in there for you 🤪

I really enjoyed it!!!! Felt like a beginner but it was blooming lovely 😊

Had two stops and ran pretty slow so lots of room for improvement! Only way is up! Yaaaaaaaasss !! No matter how much you do, just try, because starting is the most important thing and from there everything is growth. Don’t worry about how you will do just adjust as you go and listen to yourself.

I always say worrying is like a rocking chair. You are moving but not going anywhere. So get moving and go somewhere!

Anyway here’s my post workout review below! And a few pics of along the way!

To conclude

🔒Don’t limit yourself with your thoughts and worry. A journey begins with just one step and the only way from there is forwards. As the great Lao Tzu says…

👙Wear a supportive bra! We don’t need these boobies ending up down south!

🐂Breastfeed before so they are empty and more comfortable

💦Drink lots of fluid.

🥅Take your time and set a goal.

🥳Be kind to yourself and celebrate your achievements not matter how small.

🧁Your muffin tops wont be there forever!

📲Record your results so you can monitor progress and make relevant goals

👶🏽It may be hard to leave your baby but try to take at least 30minutes to work on your health. A healthy body mind and soul is not only beneficial and crucial for you but also for your baby

🤪Have fun!

🍀And get outside, it’s good for the soul.

🙏🏼Thank you for your time! Let me know what you 💭 tmw I will add a video of some strengthening exercises! But here’s a start ❤️

Nothing but love 💕

My Pregnancy Fitness Journey

Hi everyone

So I’m 8 weeks post partum and thought it would be a good time to write a little blog on pregnancy training and giving birth!

Now let me tell you something…. before I got pregnant I always used to believe I would quite possibly be the most un-delightful pregnant person hahaha! Being that I’m 5ft2inches and carry all my weight on my bum and thighs I was worried that I would become one big ball sick monster. You see my waist has always been the reason that kept me looking in shape, despite the curves I had a diddy waist and so the thought of losing that did worry me slightly! Silly I know. Don’t worry it didn’t get me down in fact I laughed about it with my friends, “can you imagine me pregnant ! I will not be elegant, I will eat loads and I will most definitely be sick”. They actually agreed knowing my appetite and the fact that all my sisters had extreme pregnancy sickness.

So anyway moving on, I was actually extremely lucky! I didn’t get sickness, I felt great 🙈🙈 my sister was actually a little mad/confused 😡, how is it you don’t get to go through what we all did! I know she didn’t mean it really, she was actually happy I didn’t have to go through that! but ye it was quite unbelievable that I had such a smooth pregnancy. I promised myself I would be relaxed, not let any negative energy in and I would focus my thoughts on only good things, and I’m telling you the power of manifestation is REAL! It bloody worked. Not only was I not sick but I didn’t look half bad either for the most part… it was quite nice to hear comments like “oh you are all bump” you haven’t put on weight’. To be fair I was putting on weight but I didn’t worry about it. I know it’s only time being and obsessing about my impending weight gain will not do me any good. I actually enjoyed eating chocolate without caring about my abs! They were about to go through 9 months of destruction anyway lol.

So… I guess what I am saying, is mind set!! PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. It’s defo all about that. I mean you can acknowledge what’s going on with your body and the changes but it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself, I found my big face quite funny. It did not suit me at all, and by month 8 it was the size of a moon🌓! But what’s most important is mental health at this point and you can figure out the rest later. Obsessing over how you look is really the least kind thing you can do to yourself and also least helpful. So I set out to enjoy it and embrace it and that I did.

Now training on the other hand was not quite as successful as I had planned in my head. I thought I’d be a superwoman trainer doing everything and more than I already did and would have these banging workout videos to upload and inspire people with Lol. People always made comments such as “you’re a personal trainer you will be fine!” So I guess I felt the pressure to be that was there for sure! And to be honest having a high level of fitness I really did think help so much all the way through and recovery wise but I really had to limit training and those insta worthy vids were far a few between lol. Actually getting up and down out ten storey apartment stairs was more the triumph than anything else for me haha!

At seven weeks I became very very tired. I could not run for the life of me! And burpees were out of the question… I was suddenly just sleeping all the time. When I visited the midwife she told me “well of course you are tired this is the most tiring time….the first trimester takes it all out of you because you are growing a life from a little pea!” Well duh, makes sense. So I began to try things suitable for me. I could unfortunately not run anymore and I also could not jump. Well before I was a running jumping nutter so this was very hard for me. I had to stick to walking, swimming and light resistant training. I did this up until 5 months, my clients thought it very weird that I was suddenly not joining in with their training, usually I would end up doing about 7 full on sessions a day and now I was watching on as I put them through their paces!

I then moved to Czech Republic. My partner plays professional basketball over there! He’s a top guy!! Sick with it! Anyway. I wondered how I would find a job 5 months pregnant without being able to speak the language at all! Again. It’s all about manifestation, you get what you believe you will get and what you put out into the universe will come back to you in abundance. So although I wondered how I would do it I also took steps to make it happen. I began to contact every fitness facility in the little town in Ostrava where I was to reside. I told them my story and also put some of the fancy things I’d done in there 🤪

To my surprise a week after I arrived in Czech I was contacted by a fitness gym here in Ostarva. They said that they loved my email and positivity and would love to offer my services to there clientele! So within a week I had an interview! I said do you know I am five months pregnant? To which they replied yes that’s ok you aren’t sick and if you are confident you can do it then so are we!! Lovely Jubbly! Amazing what putting yourself out there can do. And I’m telling you this place wasn’t my favourite of towns so to have something to get my teeth into was more than welcomed!

Long story short, well I guess it’s a bit late for that it’s already blooming long! But I got the job, and the funny thing is I ended up with four classes a dance hip hop fitness class and the aptly named -“penny zadek class’ which directly translated too hard ass! God women love a booty these days don’t they!

So here I am five months pregnant about to teach HITT classes to a group of women who I could not even speak too! Haha. Anyway I learnt how to say yes and no, (Ano & Ne) and just shouted that out a lot whilst doing the class and they got it!! It was hilarious but great. They followed me which meant I had to do more exercise than I had done the whole pregnancy in order for them to understand me, but it was a success and within three weeks it was the gyms most popular class.

However by seven months I began to really struggle with breathing, and back pain. At nearly 7.5 months I came home from a class and I realised it was just too much, I ceased up and was cramping and breathing heavy. So my partner said ok that’s enough; time for you to throw in the towel. He was right. I took precautions whilst doing the classes and this is something I recommend to all. I did not lift heavy weights at all. I did not do explosive movements and I did nothing that could hurt my bump, or lying down, burpees etc. So if you have a level of good fitness it is ok to continue but you must listen to your body. It will tell you what is right for you. This is something I did throughout pregnancy! In the past I have worked myself insanely sometimes to detriment. But I knew that my pregnancy was not just about me, it was about caring for a little life! A precious one at that. So I promised myself to listen to my body and not over do it and that I did! It worked because I did what I could manage and no more and I felt great for it. I stopped exercise at 7 months because I could tell my body didn’t want to do anymore and just stuck to swimming twice a week. I’d like to say I did yoga but I didn’t 🙈🙈 I get too bored. Attention span of a gnat!

Finally at 8.5 months I went to hospital with reduced movement. I was then sent for a scan. I could tell something was wrong as they sent me back to the specialist and said they would talk to me. That very same day the doctor came to me and said we are getting her out! Her growth had tailed slightly so I had to be induced. I will not go into the birth too much, that’s a whole book on its own. But anyway we rushed my partner over from czech and two days labour later we welcomed our little girl by emergency c section, I guess that’s what you get when you have such a good pregnancy! it was quite a traumatic experience to say the least!

My plans of post partum training down the drain! Now that I’d been cut in half and had major surgery meant not training for me! The doctor advised no training at all for atleast 6 weeks! Now once again, I could have gone a little bit stir crazy because I am an exercise junkie, but I actually really just enjoyed the time with my little baby, she’s the best by the way! Omg i’m in love. But yes I just enjoyed the time with her so very much!! And took advantage of the rest!

….. but now as I write this she is two months old and I am really aching to get physical again. I have my post natal check in three days and I am hoping to get the go ahead to do some light training. I have no feeling around my scar and I feel very weak and soft but I intend to work slowly towards my fitness goals without pressuring myself.

There is some advice I can give you however. I decided that because I cannot train I will be very considerate of what I eat and what goes into my body until I can. So for the first three weeks I ate a very clean balanced diet and plenty of fluids. To my surprise the weight just began dropping off me! I am now feeling great. I am two months post partum and I do not wish to lose anymore weight. So healthy eating and breastfeeding did the trick! Now it’s time to gain muscle and get my shape back. So given all is good I will be uploading my first work out next week. Come and take a look and see how I get on! I intend to be very honest!

To conclude… everyone’s journey is unique.

⭐️Do not compare yourself to others, just because you aren into fitness does not mean you will immediately bounce back and so what if you don’t! You just done something so friggin incredible… you grew a life!

🤪Stay away from negative energy or language. Keep your mind free from these thoughts and the unhelpful thoughts of others.

🔥Manifest. Speak what you want into the universe and it will come back to you.

🤩PMA. It’s ok to have down days but you must pick yourself up and try. Feel positively about yourself and the journey and celebrate the things you are doing well! It makes a difference I promise!

🧐Listen to your body. What’s right for someone else may not be right for you.

💕Love your changing body. Celebrate the gift that is coming!

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed the read. As I sit here with my slightly bulging tummy and not so firm legs, I look on in amazement at what I and my gawgeous partner have made… my beautiful, bright, precious little girl Sereia. I will figure out the rest when it’s time!! 💕

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