Welcome to my little site. I hope to inspire and share the parts of my world that have kept me happy and healthy in this crazy life!
My whole life I have been into health and fitness. I loved sport and became a professional dancer at 20 and I have worked with some major artists such as Pharrel Williams, Rudimental and Chic! Dancing at such a high level in a very competitive field is extremely demanding on your body and requires such a high level of physical athleticism. Through this, I have been lucky enough to travel the world and have the most amazing, sometimes wild adventures and I would really love to share these experiences and lessons I have learnt with you!!
I have always had to keep my body in the most functional shape for what I did as a profession. For me it was never about what I looked like but how efficient my body was! How fast I was, how agile, how strong, can I flip, can I jump high, do I feel light? these are all the things I thought about when adding conditioning into my daily life. Because of all of this, I got into personal training and strength and conditioning alongside my dance career.
Being a professional athlete meant I understood the amount of work I needed to stay in the best shape for what I was asking my body to do. I love the way my body looks now and I would love for more women to feel this way!! I have big thighs a shapely bum and I am curvy but I love my body because it does what I ask of it and I feel functionally great!
!! I have been lucky to work with such a range of amazing clients as a PT. Athletes, dancers, sports teams, weight loss, mental health. You name it! I feel Personal training is body, soul and mind training and this the approach I use whenever I work with people. Having such experience has given be a great success in this field and I hope to continue helping people!

I have had a life full to the brim of excitement and passion and to be able to share that is something I am super passionate About! I have been teaching and personal training for over ten years and I would like to use this space to give ideas, to share training and fitness tips and spread passion as far as I can!!

Check out my training vids, have a look at some of my client profiles, have a boogie to some of my dances vids or maybe you just want some healthy food ideas. Whatever I can do to help with your fitness journey I am here!



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